Torres Hit on Hossa

It took me a few minutes to find this camera view, but it shows what I’m pretty sure earned Torres the suspension.  At first view, from the angle we’ve mostly seen it at, this hit doesn’t look all that vicious.  Torres leaves his feet, so it’s charging, and he gets Hossa in the head, so as a ref, I’d debate teh 5-minute major.  But really, at first it didn’t look so bad.  However, the first camera view you get in the video I’ve embedded here shows, I think, pretty clearly that Torres was looking for a big, bad hit on Hossa.  He approached from a different lane than Hossa was in (i.e. not skating directly at him) and turns at the end, coming up high and off his feet to plant his shoulder with as much punishment as he could manage.  It was also a little late.  I would guess that the approach from the other lane, so that he could make a glide turn into the hit, was a device to disguise the charging as just finishing a hit.  But watch this first view a couple of times, and I think you’ll agree he was out to plant that shoulder as hard as he could, to intimidate and to inflict punishment.  The suspension is a good decision, in my opinion, and should probably last the playoffs.  This hit was callous, wreckless, and flat-out dangerous.

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